Simplifying Data Integration & Connectivity

Unity is a proven, scalable and user-friendly technology to integrate devices and applications. This technology enables a broad range of cost effective device and application integrations to electronically store information in the patient record. Physicians are empowered with immediate access to diagnostic information.

  • Simplified Pathway — Directly integrate device and application information with EHR patient data, eliminating time consuming manual entry and scanned results.
  • Discrete Data Availability — Electronic integrations often bring in discrete data, enhancing usability of data versus scanned images or documents.
  • Improved Efficiency — Integrated workflow between diagnostic applications and the EHR system reduces administrative complexity, resulting in greater efficiency and time management.
  • Enhanced Quality of Care — Replace manual input and data validation with electronic data exchange ensures access to accurate and timely information for informed clinical decisions at the point of care.
  • Trusted and Certified Connectivity — Allscripts advanced testing, vendor certification program and integration services take the pain out of integration.
  • Scalability and Availability — Unity technology coupled with our Vendor Certification Program enables 3rd parties to effectively integrate with Allscripts EHR products very quickly.